Sleep & immunity


The trial yielded promising results. Objective sleep quality, including sleep latency, efficiency, and wake episodes, showed significant improvements in the group receiving probiotic supple- mentation compared to the placebo group. Moreover, self-reported physical and mental health, alongside blood biomarkers (inflammatory, hormonal, tryptophan, and metabolic markers), ex- hibited noteworthy positive changes in the probiotic intervention group.


The study demonstrated the potential of probiotics as a safe and effective means to improve sleep quality in the general population. These findings hold significant implications for individ- uals seeking solutions for sleep-related issues and contribute to the growing body of research on probiotic interventions.


Atlantia’s expertise in designing and conducting this clinical trial, combined with their dedicated team’s commitment, played a vital role in the successful realization of the study’s objectives. The collaboration between Atlantia and the sponsor exemplifies the power of a trusted CRO partnership in advancing scientific knowledge and addressing public health priorities. If your organization is seeking a reliable partner for conducting groundbreaking clinical trials or researching health-related interventions, contact Atlan- tia today. Our expert team is ready to support your research needs and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient well-being.

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