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Atlantia is a world-class provider of human clinical studies. For over a decade we have delivered clinical results to our many clients around the world, on time and on budget. We strive to offer the highest quality science while maintaining a cost-conscious approach to maximize the value proposition for each of our clients.

Unlock Participant Insights: Consumer Research Services to Enhance Your Clinical Trial Program Consumer research analysis can provide valuable insights into the needs, preferences, and behav- iors of participants in a clinical trial. Consumer and market intelli- gence complements your clinical data. It provides a 360 view of the potential success of your product in the market, integrating product effectiveness and market fit.

Consumer Research Services to Enhance Your Clinical Trial Program Our consumer research services within clinical trials offer two customized packages to help sponsors gain valuable insights into their target audience. • Our Quick Satisfaction Survey, with just five targeted questions, provides rapid insights into product satisfaction and perceived quality, ideal for sponsors looking for a fast and efficient way to gather feedback from trial participants. • Our Comprehensive Marketing Mix Survey , with 20 in-depth questions, goes beyond the basics of product satisfaction to explore pricing, distribution, and communication strategies, providing a comprehensive view of the target audience and how to effectively reach them with marketing strategies. Whether you need a quick pulse check on product satisfaction or a more comprehensive view of your target audience, our consumer research services can provide the insights you need to improve participant experience and market success. Summary of packages Endpoints PulseCheck MarketScan Product analysis Overall Satisfaction Sensitivity analysis Marketing- mix (product,

communication, branding, pricing, distribution)

Consumer Research Service Process

Overall, our service process flow is designed to provide a comprehensive and customized approach to consumer research within clinical trials, with a focus on delivering actionable insights and recommendations.

Participant Recruitment & Survey Administration

Data collection & Analysis

Survey Design

Report & Outreach

Overall, consumer research analysis can help researchers to design and conduct clinical trials that are more participant-centered and more likely to produce meaningful results. • Obtain data to respond to multiple business questions: a clinical trial can help sponsors to differenciate which products are effective or not. Including consumer research data can provide company stakeholders a 360 view of a product strategy and its fit to market needs. • Explain variability of the results: sponsors can understand possible differences in participant compliance and perceived product effectiveness adding the behavioural component to their analysis. • Find your target audience: Sponsors can identify their target market audience, from a eficacy but also from a preference perspective. • More relevant outcomes: sponsors can design products that really matter to their target audience, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. • Enhanced customer experience: sponsors can identify areas where the customer experience can be improved, such as improving communications or optimising delivery methods. Benefits: why should you do consumer research along your clinical program?

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Atlantia has over 10 years experience in human trials for nutraceuticals, bi- otics, cosmetic products and medical devices, helping you to innovate in a competitive marketplace. Our team can design a trial based on your objec- tives, to investigate the safety and ef- ficacy of new ingredients or final prod- ucts, providing claims substantiation to support your product portfolio and offering you a deep understanding of your market fit.

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